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For over eight years, I have been a working designer and marketer with a passion for adding skills to my tool belt. Most recently, I worked as a Design Manager in the holistic healthcare industry. I have been based in Austin, TX since 2019 and work as a full-time employee and freelancer. If one thing has been consistent throughout my career, it's that I love a good challenge. From building landing pages to laying out multi-page documents, I pride myself in my ability to approach any campaign with a "I'll make it happen" attitude. Whether it means learning new software or working collaboratively with other departments, I pride myself in my ability to "get it done".

Brand Management

Experience in a freelance capacity launching small businesses and managing the evolution of existing corporate identity:

  • Logo Design

  • Color Theory

  • Typography

  • Photography

  • Core Brand Materials

  • Packaging Design

Campaign Management

Implementation of strategic marketing campaigns with a focus on results-oriented programming:

  • Acquisition

  • Conversion

  • Growth

  • Customer Lifecycle

  • Journey Mapping

  • Nurture

Corporate Partnerships

Strategic partnership coordination and ongoing marketing support:

  • Partner Announcements

  • Promotional Materials

  • Custom Landing Pages

  • Video Support

  • Events

  • Webinars

Content Management

Collection and creation of supporting content for key initiatives, campaigns, core brand materials, and more–while managing inventory:

  • Inventory Management

  • Curation

  • Copywriting

  • Infographics

  • Video

  • Events

  • Webinars

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