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Your neighborhood marketing guru

Throughout my career, I've always taken on side gigs. As long as I had the time for client work outside of my day job I thought, why not? In 2022, I was laid off from a company I had grown with for over 5 years. If it weren't for my clients at that time, I'd have been left with zero income and no plan for what to do next. Like most creative marketers, I'd dreamt about going out on my own and freelancing full-time. I’d gotten as far as giving my dream business a name and even developed a brand identity for it. The website was already in the works and I'd been thinking about a business plan for how to actually make it happen.

Life gave me a window of opportunity and I didn't need to be asked twice.

Today, Artfully Creative Studio's client-base is growing (along with my just-for-fun Etsy store) and I'm working to offer the tidbits of wisdom I'm learning along the way. Through written interviews with Canvas Rebel and Bold Journey, an appearance on the Making A Marketer podcast, and my blog, I hope that budding entrepreneurs and creative professionals find something that helps them on their journey.

My favorite topics


Brand Management

Creative Evolution

Campaign and Project Management

Product Identity Development

Website Development

Paid Advertising Coordination

Vendor Management

Trade Show and Event Management

Supporting Sales Organizations



Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Cloud Sharing

Final Cut Pro

Microsoft Office

Google Suite 




Health & Wellness

Consumer Products

Software & Technology

Data Security

Food & Beverage


Corporate Education

Long-term Care

Law Enforcement

Education & Certifications

Master of Fine Art, Visual Art


Bachelor of Art, Graphic Design


Curatorial Sciences Certification

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