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Fine Art
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About my Art Practice


I am an artist who creates objects that explore the experience of living inside of my body–the history, the sensation, the emotion–as it relates to the world outside.

My practice centers around connecting people through materiality, form, and abstraction. I am influenced by a long history of textile artists working to articulate the experience of living inside the female body.

Body Language, 2019

An exploration of somatic experience as it relates to the viewers experience of an object in space and time. 

Untitled, 2018

These objects investigate materiality, form, and scale, as a way to better understand the object as it relates to the human body.

Study is Otherwise Unremarkable, 2018

This body of work explores the abstraction of the body using uterine ultrasounds as subject matter.

The Large Intestine
Project, 2017

The Large Intestine Project explores the spectrum between beauty and disgust as a way to bring attention to the body as a biological object.