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Well, hello there.

I'm Brooke LeBeau, a Marketing Guru located in Austin, TX with a passion for the intersection of formal art practices and conventional marketing principles.


It's a pleasure to meet you.


I often describe myself as a jack of all trades but first and foremost, I am an artist. With a passion for creative marketing strategy and a defender of brand identity, I have dedicated my career to refined campaign conception and execution, while managing and evolving corporate identity. 

Currently based in Austin, TX, my practice ranges from conventional marketing processes and brand expertise to materials-based sculpture and creative writing. I believe in a symbiotic cross-disciplinary approach to creativity that impacts all of my work, from deploying targeted customer campaigns to site-specific sculpture installation.

My Passions

Graphic Design Office


Creative Strategy | Design | Branding | Content Curation | Campaigns | Project Management


Fine Art

Sculpture | Mixed Media | Drawing | Identity Theory | Materials Exploration | History | Research

Laptop Work


Art and Identity Theory | Cultural Critique | Marketing Critique | Reflection

Video Camera


Interview | Tutorial | Production | Editing | Voiceover | Agency Management | Scripting

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